Traditionally treatments for gum disease or for gummy smiles have meant a periodontist cutting away the gum tissue with a scalpel or having to put up with a noisy and invasive drill. While these techniques are still widely used and are highly effective, it does mean a patient will need to allow quite a lot of time for their gums to recover. After being treated, gums often need to be stitched up and will become significantly swollen after this type of trauma. This is why laser dentistry can be far preferable and much gentler way of getting the gum treatments you really need.

About Our Dental Laser

Here at iSmile Dental Care, we have one of the most advanced dental lasers available today. Able to treat both soft and hard tissues, our dental laser is extremely safe and it combines a nice gentle spray of water with the laser energy for a more comfortable experience. We find our patients greatly prefer treatment using a dental laser as it is much easier to cope with. A dental laser doesn’t produce any vibration or pressure but instead uses a precise beam of energy to remove or reshape tissues. Our dentist Dr. Ahmed Beheiry is extremely experienced in using this laser and has undertaken additional training so you will be in very safe hands. Our laser has more than one setting and Dr. Ahmed Beheiry will choose the exact wavelength to comfortably carry out your treatment.

Why Laser Dentistry Is Preferable

One of the things we really like about laser dentistry is that there is often no need for us to use local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during treatment. Unlike more traditional gum surgery, there is only minimal bleeding as the laser energy automatically cauterizes any small blood vessels that are cut during treatment. The precise nature of the laser beam means that tissues can be removed extremely accurately, leaving healthy tissues fully intact. This is especially important during surgery for gum disease as we want to leave as much healthy tissue as possible. Another thing that makes it so good for treating gum disease is the laser’s ability to kill off bacteria that cause this condition, effectively sterilizing an area so it has a greater chance of healing afterwards. The gentle nature of treatment means that recovery is quicker and you will find there is less swelling and less discomfort compared with traditional forms of surgery.

What Type of Treatments Can Be Carried out Using Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is exceptionally good at removing tissues that have become diseased due to advanced periodontitis. It can help clean out gum pockets or periodontal pockets as these deep pockets often harbor bacteria. Afterwards the gum tissue is able to heal more easily and the periodontal pockets will begin to shrink further, your gums will not only fit more tightly around the teeth, but are less able to become re-infected. We also really like to use laser dentistry for correcting gummy smiles. The high degree of precision enables Dr. Ahmed Beheiry to carefully reshape the gums, creating a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance. IF there is something else you would like to know about laser dentistry, then please don’t hesitate to ask us.