Are Dental Veneers a Popular Cosmetic Procedure?

Are you considering getting dental veneers as part of your smile makeover? You might be wondering if these are a popular choice for fixing imperfections in your teeth. Many people choose this cosmetic procedure for improving their smile.

The popularity of dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that are placed either on the teeth or over the teeth to help restore a tooth to a normal appearance. This dental procedure is intended for people who are unsatisfied with the way their current smile looks. Getting dental veneers is a noninvasive procedure, making it a popular choice.

The origins of dental veneers

The first dental veneers were used in 1928 by Charles Pincus. He used them to change an actor’s smile for a film shoot or a play. These new veneers were attached to the actor using an adhesive that allowed for removal. People in Hollywood eventually began to use acrylic veneers that lasted longer. These were still easy to damage and needed frequent replacements.

The origins of etching

Michael Buonocore invented the process of etching in 1959. This now normal procedure involves creating a porous surface on the teeth in order to perform various cosmetic procedures and dental restorations.

By 1982, the Simonsen and Calamia research group found out how they could use this relatively new process of etching to place dental veneers. A dentist applies hydrofluoric acid onto the teeth’s surface. Then the resins used for attaching veneers, crowns and other restorations are placed on the teeth so they can seep into the etched parts of the tooth. This allows for a stronger, longer lasting bond. This process was the first semi-permanent dental bonding procedure. It allowed many patients to keep their veneers for several years.

Today’s dental veneers

Dentists today are using the same etching and bonding techniques. However, these methods are now combined with higher-quality, stain-resistant dental veneer materials. These new veneers are closer to healthy, natural smiles. Once a new dental veneer is in place, it can last a long time before it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Dental veneers come in two styles: porcelain and resin. There are pros and cons to each option, including the pricing, the amount of time a patient wants to wait before receiving the treatment and the length of time the new veneers will last.

The reasons behind the rising popularity

There is a reason behind the rising popularity of dental veneers. This dental treatment can be used for various teeth imperfections. These include teeth that are cracked, worn down or chipped. Dental veneers can also help with discoloration and spotted teeth. Additionally, the dentist can cover misshapen, uneven or unaligned teeth. Because dental veneers so closely resemble a person’s natural teeth, it can be very difficult for others to notice that they are being used.

Is it time for you to get a new dental veneer?

Are you ready to take advantage of the popular — and now normal — dental veneer procedure? You can talk to your dentist about how to get started fixing your smile. The dentist can make recommendations on if a dental veneer is the right fit for you.

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