Do Electric Toothbrushes Really Clean Teeth Better Than Manual Ones?

Do Electric Toothbrushes Clean the Teeth Better than Manual Ones?

With all of the hype over electric toothbrushes, it must be time to find out what they are all about. Most electric toothbrushes are marketed at being more efficient, easier to use, and well, obviously fancier than the standard manual toothbrush! For years, the standard manual toothbrush was the only way that people could clean their teeth without visiting the dentist. Nowadays, electric toothbrushes exist so that people can clean their teeth more like a dentist would if they were at a visit.

Electric toothbrushes

While all toothbrushes - both standard manual and electric, are used to achieve the same goal of cleansing the teeth, it has been said that electric ones can do a better job. While the standard manual toothbrush did work for many years before electric ones even existed, they are controlled by the person brushing. With an electric toothbrush, the brushing is completely controlled by the preprogrammed brush, rather than the person. Although the person does still have to hold the brush, the actual head does all of the work itself - with just a push of a button.

These electric toothbrushes are preprogrammed by experts who know precisely how a tooth should be cleaned. They create settings that will brush the bristles a certain way against each tooth, and some even apply the necessary amount of pressure to each tooth as well. So, in a sense, electric toothbrushes might be more efficient because they are designed by the experts.

Electric toothbrushes are as similar to the professional ones that they use in the dentist offices, so if achieving the best possible oral health is the goal, then the electric toothbrush might be the best investment.

Manual toothbrushes

Using a manual toothbrush has been the standard for years, and it has done many people a lot of good in achieving their perfect smile. However, standards change constantly because technology is continuously evolving. The typical manual toothbrush is still just as efficient as it always has been, but the control lies solely in the person who is brushing. Thus meaning that if the person is rushing, they may not apply the necessary amount of pressure allowing for plaque to be left behind. Instead, if they are doing a quick brush because they’re late, they might miss some parts of the teeth, leading to potential build up.

With an electric toothbrush, a person doesn’t have to worry about how much pressure is applied because most are preprogrammed to apply the necessary amount of pressure. An electric toothbrush also provides the strokes on its own so that the person brushing doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they’re getting every spot of the tooth.

If you’re still considering whether or not an electric toothbrush if for you, we are happy to help with any questions or concerns that may arise and our staff can answer those questions. Contact us today! 

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